Wearing GARD does not mean wearing simple eyewear but a new way of experiencing eyewear.

GARD Eyewear is a design project based in Rimini, specialized in microproduction of handcrafted. GARD collection is produced entirely by hand in Italy at 1400 meters above sea level by esteemed partners whose advanced techniques are steeped in a rich historical heritage, derived from the experience and quality that has distinguished them for years in the eyewear sector. The collection is identified by its modern lines but at the same time with a look to the past, as if it wanted to pay homage to the history of Italian eyewear in the world. All acetates and small parts, adopted to make a pair of glasses, are also created in Italy. Our obsession with quality, requires us to use only the best materials to develop an innovative and elegant product, that embodies a perfect balance between form, functionality and style. For limited edition of the family VOLUMI, the glasses are made with 12 mm Mazzucchelli acetates; for cubikoni, cubiline and sculptures, 10 mm acetates and for the capsule cubilite, 6 mm acetates. We are always looking for perfection and this allows us to increase the quality of the product every time, infact, each GARD frame, undergroes over 300 manual steps before being delivered to our headquarters in Rimini.

Unique manufacturing quality

Absorbed in a unique landscape, surrounded by green meadows and coniferous woods, beautifully framed by the Dolomites, we pack, in the splendid Danta di Cadore, design objects through the use of special natural materials from trees and cotton. We cultivate our project with passion together with M1, one of the most renowned factories in the world that since 1983, stands out for the quality of its manufacturing and innovation.