The air you breathe, the drops of water in the sea, the invisible space inside a room
Everything in this dimension has its own volume, and you, who remain perfectly immersed in the whole.

Inspired by volumes, this special micro-collection, of fine and limited series models, comes from the artistic collaboration with me&glenda, long-standing international producer of eyewear, and daughter of an Italian art and designer. Voluminous and multicolored the models are entirely handmade in Italy using top quality acetates with the utmost attention to the smallest details.

The Models are inspired by 80s colorful and thin fashion so we rediscover a strong and hyper-colored style with oversize shapes. Each model is the result of artistic and cultural partnership with me&glenda and it contains a high level of manufacturing mastery and spirit of fun which have made the 80s’ Italian fashion style acknowledged all over the world.

A wonderful tactile materic vision of acetate that is crafted from its original raw shape to give life to proper sculptures for your face. In the apparently unfinished structure of each model, you can feel the strong sense of nature, perfect as well as imperfect. Each shape comes from the graphic interpretation of the six geometric shapes, whose symbols were drawn by man throughout history, representing the deepest life foundations.

Circle is perfection, union, what has no break, like the spirit and the immateriality of the soul. Like the sky and the clouds, something you can only touch with the eyes.

Ellipse is the cyclical flow of everything, the seed of life, like the earth from which everything is born and returns continuously.

Triangle is dynamism and stability, the axis of conjunction between matter and spirit, like us, body and soul.

Rhombus is fertility, reproduction, like the life flowing through all things, creating a new life. Like plants that always give rise to new shoots.

Pentagon is transparency, the crystal purity, like diamond, like the soul of everything. Like flowing water and falling raindrops.

Hexagon is change, like a butterfly born from its metamorphosis, like human evolution. Like the purifying fire and the volcanic lava that covers the past giving new shape.

Risorsa 13@3007

Cubik on the outside and conical on the inside they are the quintessential concentration of space and design. The full and solid structure of each model is a reference to the monoliths. Intense colors and curves created in acetate impress concepts of depth, while the shapes emulate the three-dimensional geometrics from which they take inspiration.

Soft and definite lines, following each other playing on the surfaces in a perfect mix of retrò and modernism style, from which a unique and innovative design is born. Everything leads back to a seductive encounter of glamorous images and slender contours that define the essence of the collection.

Enraptured by a glance we find ourselves immersed in the colors of the iris.
We love the eyes, creating objects for the care of the face and the pleasure of the soul.

GARD eyewear / Nuove Identità Visive.
The vital impulse to change always originates new visions that have their own identity.

The brand is the acronym of Giorgio, Andrea, Renato and Daniela, the four optical designers who create this new concept line of handmade spectacle frames in Italy, unique in its kind with a strong minimal modern style. GARD essence is enclosed in a design combining classic and modern within the materials surface and whose colors are inspired by nature. Each model of the different collection lines is made using the best Italian acetates, worked by the most skilled and expert craftsmen of Cadore. From 2012 to present research and development of this exclusively designed eyewear, continue through accurate study and work.

A Trip Made in Rimini