“Impulse to change always gives rise to new visions that have their own identity.”

GARD Nuove Identità Visive was born in 2012 when the creative minds of Giorgio, Andrea, Renato and Daniela Foglietti decide to create the first spectacle in which to enclose concepts of nature, ancient symbolism, structure and geometry.

The style is unique, with a strong personality characterized by minimal design, modern details, materials and colors that are inspired by nature: so perfect and equally imperfect, complex, always changing.

Each model in the collection is created using one of the six geometric shapes present in the brand; symbols designed by man throughout history that represent the deepest foundations of life.

GARD appeal to the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship, every component of collection is custom manufactured, exclusively for GARD, all acetates used in the making of our eyewear are plant-based material.

Each spectacle of our collection was exclusively manufactured in Cadore, Italy using advanced techniques steeped in a rich heritage that stems from the golden age of eyewear production.

Over one hundred hands touch each GARD spectacle before its arrival at our Rimini facility, all artisans involved are supported with fair trade benefits, wages and respect.


Studio design and original Patents by GARD




CIRCLE is perfection, union, which does not break, as the spirit, as the soul’s immateriality. As the sky and clouds, something we can touch only with eyes.

ELLIPSE is the cyclical flow of all, the seed of life, everything comes back again to light as the first time. Like the earth, from which everything is born and into which everything returns continuously.

TRIANGLE is dynamism and stability, the axis of conjunction between matter and spirit, like us, body and soul. As the rocks of the mountain that rises from the earth to the sky.

RHOMBUS is fertility, reproduction, like the life that flows through all things, creating new life. Like plants, which always give rise to new shootse.

PENTAGON is the absolute transparency, crystal clarity, as the texture of the diamond, as the soul of everything. Like water flowing, like raindrops falling.

HEXAGON is change, like butterfly that born from metamorphosis, as human evolution. As the fire that purifies and like volcano lava that with its passage covers the past giving new form.